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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Maine; John Cornelius O'Callaghan V 3

Hi, Loves!

I've prepared some of John's pictures for you to see. Watch out! Eyegasms may occur. He's just too sexy to resist!

Oh, dude. Why are you so dreamy.

Fuck. Stop it. You'll make me fangirling over you.

Oh, Baby, don't frown. We love you. All of us. You're like an angel from heaven. Are you sure you're not one?
Oh, man. Stop looking like so hot, you gorgeous horny creature.

Seeing a picture of you singing, it feels like you really are singing to me right now. Oh man, I now look like I just took drugs.

Your voice, your face, your body, and your everything. I want them.

I'd love to be that thing it's so lucky to be touched by you.

John, take my ovary.

And here's John's line of the day :)

- Abigail Gee

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