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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Walk With A Stranger (Part 2)

We ended up walking around the park, doing nothing. John scratched his hair and then looked at me, "This isn't what I expected."
I looked at him confusedly, "Then what did you expect?"
He sighed, "Like, I really want to take you places. Since we have the same hobby--eating--, I was wondering if there were still open spaces in your stomach to taste them all."
Then I laughed. John sure is a very interesting person. He made me feel the feelings I hadn't felt in a very long time. He made me feel alive--like Bud did, but he was saner--. He made me forgot everything that happened in my life, at my office, and about the messed-up society, "I think my gigantic stomach still leaves some more spaces for that."
John smiled and took my hand, "Let's go then."

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Confession Posts: One

This is Salsa aka Abigail Gee.
And this is the moment of truth that some of you (might) have been waiting for.

May I present you,
The Confession Posts. Part One.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

School : Play 2

I'm so sorry for uploading it late. I was so busy with stuffs until I couldn't even open my own blog! So sorry, beautiful people. Please forgive me.

Anyway, this is the post you've all been waiting for. Yep. Another play of my friends's. Now this one is THE BEST, THE MOST HILARIOUS, and also THE MOST STOMACH-TICKLING play EVER.
The team consisted of:

1. Gung Lanang (Anak Agung Lanang Hartawiguna Rudita)
2. Wahyu (Komang Wahyu Budiarta)
3. Wana (Komang Wana Iswara)
4. Meisa (Made Meisa Putra Ardans)
5. Dewata (Bagus Krisna Wahyu Dewata)
6. Patrick (Patrick Kurniawan Latumahina)
7. Nanda (Sananda Yoga Risabha)
8. Farhan (Moch. Farhan Arieffadilah)

It's about a rich man who actually had too much money until he didn't even know how to spend it. So he held this competition called "Bang Raul's Got Talent" and after a few eliminations, there were only three contestants chosen: Koplo Generation, Sontoloyo Boys, and Yohanes. Want to know what happened? Watch THIS!

Funny, right?
Well, once again, I'd like to apologize for uploading it late :( But thanks for being a loyal viewer by waiting for the next post!
Love you guys! XOXOXO

- Abigail Gee