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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Looking Back For A While

As I wrote this, I was listening to a song I made with my friends for my batch, Platinum.

It was a hymn dedicated for our graduation. I wrote the lyrics in the middle of the night, with absolutely no idea where the inspiration came from. Alif helped me with the diction, making it sound perfect. Rofif arranged the melody, with some help from me. It took us three days to record it and a week to edit it. We wanted it to sound perfect. Aldo came up with the idea of making a music video, making us the first batch to make a music video.

I wanted to share this with you since I thought it didn't sound that bad. IT was a symbol of all the struggles, tears, and laughter us as the 24th batch had gone through these past three years.

Here, enjoy!

-Abigail Gee