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Thursday, July 7, 2016


I can't believe it's been three years. I have just finished my study at SMA Taruna Nusantara and I am officially saying goodbye to senior high school life! I admit I had some of the most memorable moments these three years that I would never trade for anything else in the world.

I still remember the times when I said goodbye to seniors who were leaving the campus to pursue their future careers and studies, and I can't believe my passing out was a few months already.

I, thankfully, have been accepted in my dream university and I am very excited in the process of being a college freshman; the perks of looking for a room to rent, the clothes, the new friends, the new subjects, the new books, and everything. I am on my way to live completely and literally on my own.

My friends are, too, reaching out their dreams. Some of them have been accepted in universities, some of them will attend academies, and so on.

Well, I was hoping to still be in touch with them. I mean, I would never forget good things good friends had done for me. They have been my biggest strength to carry on and finish this whole journey. I am truly grateful for being blessed with such amazing companies and also great opportunities to explore myself even more.

Looking back to the past three years, I realized that I have changed at certain points. I learned that all my ups and downs, dramas, and mistakes have shaped me up to the person I am now. I regret some of my actions and decisions and I would love to at least redeem them if not change them, but then again I would not trade any of those times for the world.

By leaving the campus, I left all my trust and legacy to my juniors. I have been blessed with so many kind juniors that I now dearly call my sisters and brothers. They have been supporting me and very respectful although I really don't deserve them as my company. They deserve a better sister and exemplar, yet they stayed till the end with me.

And by leaving the campus, I left my heart as well. I admit that some of good and sincere feelings have grown on that land, those I will cherish my whole life as a nice memory inside. I have found great people I then admired and adored by hearts. I also learned that with all my flaws and imperfections, I have still been blessed with people who love me despite of who I am.

But then again, by leaving the campus, I have to say goodbye to some of my friends as well. I knew that by leaving tn, that would mean communication being less intense, meet-ups being less frequent, and they would lead to drifting apart. And the bitter part of it is that I am afraid that will happen soon enough. I am talking to my school friends a lot less. But I wish it wouldn't mean we're not friends anymore.

And now, some of my friends are leaving for the academies and I wish them all the best. I really do hope that one day when we all meet again, we all will be successful in our own ways and terms, we will cheer on blessings life has given us and we all will smile together on top!

Thank you for every second worth living these past three years. I love you, Tarnus. I love you even more, PLATINUM!