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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Common Thing between Me & Denise

Hi there, everyone!
I've been so busy at school (though I sometimes still keep my Facebook updated hehe) that I had no enough time to actually post something. But trust me, I've been dying to write you readers, if you ever exist, something.

So here it goes.


This is the story of Denise.


The story began somewhere in October, where I failed doing something and then someone came to me and offered me a new point of view and this someone really did open my eyes, abut how I shouldn't waste my time regretting things and start fresh, that there were still many other options to choose from, and my life didn't end as I failed.

Then I fell for that person ever since.

I couldn't meet him everyday and when we met I couldn't do anything about it. He smiled to me that day, the day when I finally got something that not only me, but all of my fellow students had been seeking for months. That afternoon, we were all running chasing seniors. Then after hugging a senior, I saw him. With his dirty face, clothes, and naked feet. It was like the world  around us just blurred and the time just stopped. He was looking at me and I looked at him back. Then he smiled and said, "Semangat ya!" [Indonesian for 'Keep your spirit up!']. I was blushed but I could only smile and said, "Thanks!' and chased another senior. It was just, perfect.

I don't know. I would like to tell you that only. To show that it actually stays in my heart as something special, that it has its own place there. That I will always remember that little moment when he actually smiled to me.

And maybe, just maybe, he might answer all the questions in my head. Maybe with a yes or with a no, I don't know. What's most important is my feeling towards him can stay, not how he would actually respond to me.

Thank you for being in my life for once, colouring it in a temporary moment, giving new perspectives to look from, caring for me whenever I need to, giving me the attention that I crave for sometimes, but still keeping me awake that I need to keep landing my feet on the ground.

I love how he makes every conversation sound dreamy but keeps things real at the same time.


So do you still like him?


Honestly, I don't know. Maybe I'll just relax, sit down, and enjoy the movie while it lasts. Then when it comes to the credit, I'll make sure of it.


Ok so I don't know what I just wrote but it just ran through my brain so smoothly. But I hoep you like this shortie. I'll post you something real later okay? This is just a random piece stuck in my brain that forces me to let it be read by you.

Stay reading!

-Abigail Gee