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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Moving On

Hi, Randoms!
I've been so messed up lately like so duh. And this is the post I've owed one of my good friends from ages.

Moving on huh? A very sensitive topic yet it's so common in teenage lives of ours. When we try to get over the feelings we have for someone. Most people believe that moving on means liking someone else.

WRONG. Moving on isn't like that. Moving on simply means walking away, not moving from a pit stop to another.

You don't need to like other people just to overcome the sadness and forget the feelings for this special one. There's only one thing you need to do; embrace it.

Most people can't do this, because they're too scared of being hurt again. And the reasons why are various; they like people who don't like them back, they just broke up with the people they love, and so on. They think they've felt it all and they don't want to feel those flashbacks and stuff. But they're also suffering from the pain of being stuck in the same position.

If you're being logical, which one will you choose; being hurt for days, weeks, even months seeing that person being happy without you or with somebody else; or feeling a massive pain just for a moment but then you'll feel free and happier after that?

Here are simple tips from me :
1. Notice this; moving on doesn't mean you need to forget all your feelings or hate the person. Embrace the new beginning with arms and heart wide open. Try to let go slowly and don't hesitate in the middle
2. In some cases, people can't really move on seeing pictures or songs which remind them of their loved ones. If you feel like they aren't bothering then keep them just for memories. But if you can't move on because of them, you better delete or throw them away. It might hurt but actually works
3. Make yourself as busy as possible, doing things useful and don't let yourself think about them. Having a plenty of spare time can cause you thinking of them again.
4. Cheer yourself up. Eat your favorite food, do your favorite activities, watch some movies, hang out with close friends, shop, and do anything that makes you happy. Life is not all about love, heartbreaks, and romance. It's also about doing things that you like. Don't let yourself drown in sadness and pain. Remember; the best revenge is to show them how happy you are without them!
5. Convince yourself; this part doesn't mean you need to be playboys/girls. But to cheer yourself up and have fun with checking out girls and guys. Just a reminder; they're not the only ones for you. If they don't put any effort to keep you, then you don't deserve them.
6. Think about yourself. They're NOT the center of your world, although now they seem to be. But NO. There are more important things to think. Your future and your family. They're not the one who decide what you're going to be. Don't waste your time thinking about things which have passed. You still have a loooooong way to go ahead. Your adventure's not over just because you lose them.
7. Repeat this mantra : "Maybe I don't like him/her anymore." and smile after saying this sentence.

Okay, I know my tips sound cliche, but to be honest I managed to move on from guys by doing these things. I'm not that kind of person who easily falls for someone. And once I fall for someone, the feeling lasts for a long time and it WAS VERY HARD to let go of the feelings. But I keep repeating all the things I wrote and I did it.

I was in a very very massive pain in the process, but now I feel relieved. I feel free. I feel great. I feel heroic for saving myself from a long-lasting pain.

I hope all these steps work for you. They will, if you're willing to do them as well.

May your life be happy and beautiful, peeps!

-Abigail Gee