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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

School : Play 1

Hey guys! So I'm going to tell you something. A few weeks* ago my teacher gave us an assignment to hold a play for each group. We were divided into four groups. My group got the first turn, but it didn't go really well :|

But this post is not going to be about my team's play. It's about other friends'! This team consisted
  • Gus Mang (I Gusti Ngurah Rai Mulya Hartawan) 
  • Jung Onik (Adhya Monacika)
  • Surya (Gede Surya Layang Budiartha)
  • Ipung (Pungkas Brillian Wawan)
  • Boby (I Made Boby Prabawa Utama)
  • Putri (Putu Arisintha Putri Pratiwi)
  • Wisnu (Made Wisnu Adi Saputra)
  • Wira (Made Putra Wira Negara)

To be honest, I forget the title of the play, but it was about a princess and this prince and sort of mother. Oh, the princess's name is Putri Andini and Jaka Tembereng.

Okay, I obviously forget about everything! But the main part of the play is that Putri Andini and Jaka Tembereng fell in love and tried to do anything to be together, although the whole world ignored them.

So here it is. I present you the play of theirs! Oh, make sure you use your earphones/headphones, because since it was very noisy in the class, my handphone couldn't get the voice clearly. And it's in Indonesian.


*I'm so sorry not to post and share the video to you guys sooner, because I was busy with my schoolwork, tests, and some work I need to do for the school :(

Thanks for watching this!

- Abigail Gee

A Walk With A Stranger (Part 1)

     I was born on June 11, 1980. Well, yeah, I'm pretty old now. I know.
     My name is Hale Theresa. When you try to pronounce my name, it will sound like 'hail Theresa', but no. It's HALE.
     I'm pretty popular in LA, as a very successful writer for a column in the famous magazine. But the sad part is, I'm not married yet, I don't have a boyfriend, although I have tons of money both in my wallet and in my bank account and have a perfect job.
     But I keep questioning why the facts that I have my own luxury house and hundreds of cars don't make men feel attracted on me. Well, I know there are guys who try to date me, but they only love my properties and money, not me.
     The only man that loved me was Bud. He's an alcoholic yet nice. But then he went away suddenly. People in his neighborhood told me that he hit someone when he was drunk and then he went straight to jail.
     And this materialistic guy name Harold. He's a perfectionist who works as a banker. He's rich, but he never wanted to spend his money when we went on dates. I always paid for his food.
     I was standing in front of the mirror in the fitting room, staring at my reflection in the mirror. I was trying a beautiful red satin dress with birds pattern. It will sure be a nice dress to start the spring.
     I turned myself to see how my butt looked with the dress. And it was perfect! My hips didn't look as big as they truly are, my butt also looked cute with this dress. Guess I'm going to buy it and let my credit card responsible for it.
     I went to the cashier and a beautiful young lady took my dress and typed some random numbers on the computer and showed me how much I should pay for the dress. I gave her my credit card and she started wrapping my dress and put it in a bag.
     "Thank you for coming," she said to me. "have a nice day, Ma'am."
     I nod and left the shop. Okay, so shopping's done. I guess I'm going to sit for a while in Starbucks and drink a cup of coffee with a lot of whip cream on it. Oh, and some chocolate granules would be nice.
     I walked toward the nearest Starbucks (there are thousands of Starbucks here), headed to the cashier, asked for a coffee, bought some croissants, and took a seat in the most comfortable seat I could find.
     I stared at the food I just bought for a while, regretting to buy this many. This is why people in my office don't really like me. They are as slim as a stick while I'm as big as the building.
     But I couldn't just throw some croissants away. Although I have a lot of money, doesn't mean I love wasting it. But trust me, I'm not like Harold. I mean like, I love spending my money, but I hate wasting it. Get it?
     I took a croissant and bite it as big as I could. Suddenly the cafe door's opened, and I saw Vanessa Brown, a rival of mine. She also worked for the magazine. We both dislike each other, because we do the same things, and we have the same popularity scale in the company (based on surveys the magazine holds every month). But the only difference between me and her is just the size of the pants we wear. She's size 0, and sadly, I'm size 8.
     I tried not to stare at her, so she wouldn't realize me that I was stuck here with a big plate of croissants and a tall-size glass of cappuccino. But she found me anyway. She walked toward me and smiled cynically.
     "Look what I found here. The fatty rival of mine."
     I tried to think a good answer, "Hello, Vanessa. If you don't mind, please step a bit further from me. I'm going to sneeze and if I look at the size of your body, you might be blown away, like real far far away."
     She stared at me and said, "Oh well then. Fat people sure sneeze hardly." then she walked away from me and asked the cashier to get her a tea.
     I was about to drink my cappuccino when a guy stood in front of me, "Hi."
     I had no intention to look at the person, but I knew that it was a guy, "Yes?"
     "May I seat here?"
     I stared at the person and I guess my heart stopped beating right away. He's so hot, I could see that he often goes to the gym and develops his biceps. His tan skin and dark hair looked perfect with his handsome face. I quickly say, "Sure."
     I didn't know him, but I couldn't miss the chance to sit and have a coffee with someone hot like him.
     He took a seat in front of me and smiled to me, "John. John Carter. Nice to meet you."
     "Nice to meet you too. I'm Hale. Hale Theresa."
     He smiled, "Nice. Hale Theresa," he drank his coffee and stared at my croissants. "are you eating them?" he pointed those innocent pastries.
     Oh no, he's going to leave if he finds out that I am, my brain talked to me. I sighed and I said, "Yes, I am." I just waited for him to get up from his seat and said, "Ew, you're so disgusting as a pig. You eat the whole thing? Yuck."
     But what happened was so unpredictable. He laughed, "Wow. I love girls that have passion in eating. But can I have some?" he smiled.
     I died blushed. "Sure."
     He took a croissant and eat all of it with a bite only. He chewed it quickly and drank  his coffee once again. Then he smiled to me, "Thanks."
     I smiled back, "You're welcome."
     And now there was one croissant left. I couldn't eat it in front of him, he'll think that I'm weird. But then he said, "Aren't you eating the last one?"
     I smile, "You want it?"
    "Yes. Do you?"
     "Actually, yes," I took my glass and drank my cappuccino and put it back on the table and stared at him, "but if you want to, you can take it."
     He suddenly ripped the croissant off into two pieces and gave one of them to me and chewed the other half, "Here, take it."
     I took it and chewed it and laughed together with him. Okay, this is strange. I laughed, I shared my croissants with a stranger.
     "Do you have other plans after this?"
     "Well, today I'm not working. Why?" don't tell me he's taking me for a walk.
     "Can I take you for a walk?"
     I was going to die.
     "Um, don't you think it's kind of strange to take a stranger for a walk? Do you do this often?" I couldn't tell him all of my habits and make him disgusted.
     "Well, I guess it is a bit strange. But I think you're an interesting person to befriend. And no, I don't do this so often. So, you're lucky."
     I laughed, "Okay then." I got up and walked out from the Starbucks without knowing that Vanessa's staring at me jealously.

-to be continued-


Do you want to know the what happens next to Hale? Will John be her next lover? What will happen to Vanessa-Hale not-really-good relationship? Keep visiting Random But Beautiful, guys!

-Abigail Gee