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Hi, I'm Abigail Gee.

The name Abigail came from my nickname at home, Abi. Then I found out that most of the times, Abi--Abby, Abbie--is a short for Abigail. And I have this very close friend that gave me a nickname Gee. She told me that it suited me, as I was a very energetic person, so passionate, and admirable (she said). So I decided to combine both names into my alias whenever I write.

This is really awkward. I actually hate talking formally. I find myself very hard to tell people through spontaneous conversations, let alone actions. I tried to be as cool as possible and joke around, but I guess that wasn't exactly the best way to make people understand me. I am, after all, just an awkward turtle.

Writing has been an indulgence for as long as I could remember. I always write to pour my feelings, and it makes me feel content. It can be an escape from bad times, it can be a way to show that you're happy, mostly anything can be expressed through words. That is why I decided to post things on this blog.

I have run this blog since I was fourteen. I really want to explore the world, live in different places, learn different cultures, and also meet different people. I know, I know. I have such big dreams. But it's worth trying to make them come true, right?

I may not write that often anymore, but I can assure you that this blog shall live long. I basically have no idea where to go to whenever I feel ecstatic or depressed or any kind of feelings that I possibly am having at the moment.

Welcome to my blog, and I do hope you'll love it. And as my fourteen-year-old self would say, LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE!

Sincerely yours,

-Abigail Gee!

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