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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Time With Buddies

Hi guys!
Remember the post Confessions : Part 1? I believed I had mentioned that I moved to Balikpapan there. So yeah, I moved to Borneo and it feels, well, pretty good.
But still, I miss my friends in Bali. They've been there for me and like my second family over past two years! And those two years are like the best in my life.

I love you guys!

So, a few weeks before the examinations, we went to this place to play indoor soccer called Metro Futsal. Even the girls joined the game! Well, it was really awkward since they never had girls to book their place before. And here they are. The pictures when we played indoor soccer!

There'll be more soon ;)

-Abigail Gee

New Year Resolutions

Have you guys ever dreamed of beautiful things to achieve--dreams?
You want to get or accomplish something really badly?
If you ask me, I have dreamed of lots of them and I do want to.

New year, new life! That's what people say all the time. They are so true about it. But how do we start fresh next year, which is coming ahead so close now?

Setting up plans. Yep. And we all know the plans as New Year Resolutions.

New Year Resolutions are basically a list of things you want to achieve or accomplish in the coming year. Some people make them simple just to remind themselves that new year is coming ahead, but the others enlist very important things and take the list seriously.

New Year Resolutions are plans with a fixed deadline, which is the next year. So the resolutions expire when the end of the year has changed into the early new year.

I actually do have my own list. And here are my New Year Resolutions!
  • In the coming year, I want to go to my dream high school that I've wanted to attend since I was in the Primary School
  • In the coming year, I want to get very good final scores for my final exams so I can graduate with my head held high, making my parents proud of me
  • In the coming year, I want to recover from all sickness and ill I've been suffering since I was a child
  • In the coming year, I want to be more creative and more useful for surroundings, including other people and the world
  • In the coming year, I want to stay humble and be down to earth, and be more open and find more friends
  • In the coming year, I want to fix my bad habit, which is to make a mess
  • In the coming year, I want to produce something useful and helpful, like songs or stories
  • In the coming year, I want to get my stories published as good books
  • In the coming year, I want to pay attention towards my family more, and to be a daughter to be proud of for my parents and a perfect sister for my little brother
  • In the coming year, I want to fix my friendships with my friends whom I've wasted
  • In the coming year, I want to prove all my friends that I'm not as bad as they think
  • In the coming year, I want to stay happy :)
And there still more wishes, but the post can't handle them.

You see, New Year Resolutions aren't made so you need to rush to fulfill them. They are made to motivate you, to give you spirit, to remind you that there are reasons for you to live in the world, that there's a meaning in this life that you can find.

They aren't made to make you stressed or depressed because you can't achieve them. Though they have deadlines, doesn't mean you can't try again next year. You just need to re-write them in another piece of paper, and start fresh from beginning with your best effort.

Enjoy all your life you have, be grateful for every single day you had spent in 2012, feel the blessings God's spread this year for us, for every goodness the God had given, and welcome a new year ahead with cheer, joy, smiles, love, and strong will to face the fresh year of 2013.

So, what are your New Year Resolutions? (:

Happy New Year! (and Merry Christmas for everyone who celebrated it) XOXO

PS: Don't forget to give warm hugs and kisses for people you love at the New Year's Eve!

-Abigail Gee

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Check This Out!

Hey, Peeps!

Has anyone heard of Ryan Higa? Nigahiga, maybe? You know, that famous Asian on YouTube? I love his videos and he really is funny in his own way. He once stood out as the most subscribed until he got beaten up by Ray William Johnson's channel but I still love him anyway.

So, for you Beliebers, I want to tell you guys that he loves making parody videos about your idol, le Biebs. But don't take his videos seriously, though. He loves Justin Bieber and respects him, but he just loves joking around ;)

And here's the newest video of his, and this is his theory of how Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke up. You should see this, guys!    

Go see it and you'll love him!

Much much much loveeee in the air,

-Abigail Gee  

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Looking Back For A While

Hi, readers!It's been a month and I haven't posted anything yet. I'm so sorry, I've been busy this whole month. New school is great, I met beautiful people around here. And yes, I'm getting more comfortable right now. There are a lot of things happened around here, and they all put meaningful stories in my book of life. Including heartbreaks lol.

It's been five months and I got homesick for a while, so I opened my Facebook (after this whole time) just to check out a few old pictures. And I found all of these, which actually made me shed a tear. I thought I would be doing great, leaving stuff in the past, but then I realized the past was never actually left behind, it remains forever. And so, here are some old pictures taken when I was in still 7th grade. Hope you like them ;)

We were supposed to practice fro the Romeo and Juliet play, but then
we ended up taking pictures lol. That's me, in the middle,
with my arm up high. How embarrassing.

We just finished counting money we had collected from the whole class.
We didn't mean to show it off, but we felt like taking pictures
and since we held the money, so yeah.

From the left, it's Utari, Gek Dita, Me, and Gek Gita. We were so bored
since there were no teachers in the class and we were on our own
(they held a sorta meeting so we were left alone) so we made suffered frowns lol.

Two years ago, alay was still trending. Believe me. So we thought it was cool to pose
like this. Hahaha

Be proud of what you were and what you are now!

- Abigail Gee