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Monday, June 30, 2014

The Moment of Reunion

Oh My God.
I'm so so so sorry. I feel so sinful for leaving you guys for MONTHS and this is highly unacceptable.

So thi spost is about a hello and a few goodbyes. But why the title's reunion? Because this is the post that reunites me and you lovely readers [AWWWW]

So basically my life is pretty good [not that you guys bother asking but whatever] and I've been so busy these two months; you know, preparing for final exams which will determine whether I proceed to eleventh grade or not and also for the graduation ceremony of the seniors (22nd batch).

Since I join the platoon PATAKA I'm going to wear this suit called 'PDU' or 'Pakaian Dinas Upacara' which can only be worn for certain occasions by certain people, which made me felt kinda special hehehe.

I've been trying to lose weights and I know it's very shameful to tell you this but I guess I need to tell you guys about my life in TN.

Psst; gonna post the pictures in my next post!

And final exams were pretty fine. There wasn't so many remedials I needed to take and we were so busy finding gifts and souvenirs for our beloved sisters and brothers who were about to end their educational story in TN soon. I was so panicked that I needed to ask my mom for some help by sending me stuff from Jakarta. I'm such an ungrateful daughter. Pardon me, Mom, I still love you hehe.

And guess what? I just had my sweet 16th! Yayyyyy! *rolling on the floor*

I'm so grateful for everything and everyone that I have around me. I'm so thankful for my supportive family who have been here all along, the existence of my best friends that strengthen my will to stay in the campus and eventually survive haha, and for someone who's been around for a while *cough*

The story is pretty funny and sweet. How we're so old-fashioned by sending each other letters and all and everyone who knows this always asks me, "What year do you live in? 70s? You still send letters and notes? Funny." And all I can do is laugh. They don't know how worthy all those moments in writing and receiving the letters.

Guess that's what makes us special?

How we're so different in backgrounds and personalities but share common interests and how I feel like this person completes me; I enjoy every single difference and similarity.

I don't want to conclude everything real fast, I can't figure whether we'll still be together or it will be over before it even starts. But at least for now, I love having him around, although it means not to talk to each other or make contacts at all. As long as those eyes still stare at me  the way they always do, I know I still keep him in this *pointing at my chest* but no I didn't mean the chest, but what's inside [read: heart] haha.

Okay, enough about this person.

I still have more stories to share about in TN. So we've been preparing, right, and I finally get my badge for my platoon! Yay! And I also took pictures with my beloved seniors. It felt so so so so sad to see them left, especially when my beloved brother couldn't make it.

So guess I haven't told you guys about my senior. He was the same absent as I am when he was a 10th grader; X-7/28. His name is Rafi Fauzan Santoso. I call him Bang Rafi. He couldn't be in the ceremony because he was having tests to become a cadet. Knowing that he couldn't make it, although I had been told about it, I cried like a lot and everyone was staring at me strangely seeing me crying like a big baby. He's been so special for me because he supported me all along, he cheered me up, he listened to my random stories about my life and my crush, and he cared for me like his own sister.

In May, he gave me a piece of cake and he also gave me a post-it which said 'I'm sorry I couldn't make it to the ceremony because of the tests and I really do hope that you'll succeed in your final exams. And I'm sorry I can't be here for your birthday. So, happy birthday!' after receiving it I cried in my room and my friends had to cheer me up all night. And I tried to understand his circumstance and wished him the very best of luck. I miss you, Bang Rafi!

I also want to tell you guys about my post sister, Kak Masya Afira Siregar. She was so emotional when she was about to leave TN. She took a lot of pictures with me and I know that she'd miss me as much as I'd miss her. We laughed and shared stories till it was time for her to leave the campus. We hugged each other and she gave me a cute 'Lil Sis' keychain which came up with a match of 'Big Sis' which she had with her. She also gave me an Universitas Indonesia pencil case. A month before, she gave me her bag and she told me how memorable the bag was and she wanted me to keep it on her behalf. I was so honored that she'd let me use her bag. And I told myself to handle it with care.

I also saw my bed sister for the last time, Kak Ulfa Hasna Azizah. She was in a hurry that I could only talk to her for a few minutes. We hugged each other and cried. I really missed her since I hadn't seen her since March and seeing her left the campus just like that hurt a lot. I really loved her since she's been a real sister for me that she supported me since PDK. I gave her the ordinary present that I had prepared a few days earlier and she smiled at me and thanked me for everything. My 23rd batch bed sister, Kak Faradita Maudy Sari, cried heavily seeing Kak Ulfa left. They hugged for a moment then we took some pictures and then there she left for her future.. I'm gonna miss you so much, Kak Ulfa!

And the last one was Kak Vania. She's my jacket sister of PATAKA. My very first impression of her was she looked like a mean senior with a pretty face and so unfriendly. But she turned out to be a very awesome sister. It felt really good to tell her stories--especially when it came to boys--and she also treated her juniors nicely. She hugged me and told me how she loved my gift for her and she would miss me very much. She listened to my stories and I enjoyed listening to hers. I also gave her a key chain just like mine and Kak Rahajeng's, my 23rd batch jacket sister. We then took a lot of pictures in many people's cameras and phones since hers was in the classroom and I didn't bring mine. We laughed and she told me to be strong and if there anything happens to me in the future I should tell her right away. Miss you already, Kak Van!

And I know that in every meeting, there's a goodbye. And I should remember that there's a 'good' in 'goodbyes' and I just need to swallow the temporary pain and let go. I'm gonna miss everyone leaving for their future.

Old friends are like golds,
New friends are like silvers,
Cherish your new friends,
But never forget the old ones.

Good luck, Bang, Kak!

I love you!

-Abigail Gee