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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Scary Night Shots!

I know I should've posted something sweet and lovely since it's almost Valentines and given advice of romance and stuff but since I have no one to think about or anything romantic to celebrate so I'll post scary things. Doesn't Halloween on Valentine's Day sound good, especially for single people like me? *coughs*
So when I was 13, I took some pictures using my Dad's handycam and I found this weird mode called 'Nightshot'. I know, I was pretty much blind about technology and I tried to take pictures in Nightshot mode and all of the pictures looked SCARY. So here are a few random photos taken that day. Enjoy the fright :)

don't my eyes look scary?

she. looks. scary. as. hell.

this is the scary part of 13 year-old me


Ok, so the last picture was really really scary. That's Bi Meng by the way, in case you're wondering who that is. So I hope you don't have nightmares because of the shots and you still visit my blog (though I'm pretty sure only a few human beings really visit my blog and read my random posts). Happy Bloody Valentine's Day for those who are lucky enough to celebrate it.

Sincerely the lonely random,

-Abigail Gee

Friday, February 7, 2014

Being Bullied?

I've been feeling really stressed out and blue lately that I don't know how to express it. People seemed to be so judgemental nowadays. So I kept being bullied in the class, being a hated by some people, made fun by some random boys at school, doubted by teachers, disliked by the seniors, unloved by surroundings. And the worst part was, I'm away from my parents so I have no place to shelter.

But then I started to realize a few things that I never thought of before.

1. Not everybody likes you. Not everybody will accept you for who you are and become your friends. Not everybody will welcome you when you suddenly join in a group or forum, but not everybody hates you either. Everything always has two sides; positive or negative, good or bad, loved or hated, liked or disliked, anything. There will always be some kind of comparisons to what happens in your life, you know?

2. It's you who makes yourself burdened. If you try to let go all those painful things you'll realize that since the start they weren't pains at all. Pretend that those people who hate you are just little rocks blocking your way. You just need to jump to realize that they're just small obstacles and by jumping that means you'll go further than them. As long as you still love yourself, you've got nothing to be worried about.

3. Think of things in different perspectives. Stop thinking about something in one way only. Let's make an analogy for it. Pretend that you haven't eaten because your mom is so busy that she can't cook you meals and you feel sad, angry, and pissed off with her because you think that she doesn't love you and nobody's home who cares enough to make you food. But being mad at your mom won't make your stomach filled with food right? So instead of blaming things on your mom, why don't you cook meals for yourself? It's just as simple as that. So if someone doesn't like you, why don't you find someone else to hang out with? Besides, it adds great positive points because that means you're widening your area of socialization.

4. It's not how to please them so they'll like you, it's basically how to show them that you're great in some way. DON'T EVER try to please others. You weren't born to make them happy or so they accept you. No. All you can do is to show that you're fine without them and they don't matter to you.

5. Remember this mantra : if people around you try to bring you down, that means you're above them all. You actually win the game but you keep thinking about how you should look good in front of them and to make them pleased more than to be satisfied of what you achieve. If they still mock you, remember, you deserve better friends. There's plenty of fish in the sea phrase doesn't only be applied in your romance life, but also in your social life. If these 'friends' don't work, you can still find better people in this world.

Thinking of these things, really helped me getting through my hard times. Now, my friends stopped making fun of me and everything slowly went to normal. Hope some of this piece of mind helps you as well. Remember, you were born to be loved by at least one special person.

Good night!

-Abigail Gee