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Sunday, April 19, 2015


I stand there with eyes folded to the back of their cases.

I was shadowed by the anxiety flowing in my veins.

All the thoughts along with my brain will soon explode.

I am worried, worried, worried.

The worry of a child breaking his Mom's lucky vase;

the worry of a father watching his daughter's wedding.

I have no, no idea.

Would I dare to scream?

Painful, so painful it is.

The heart wants what it wants, but I have nothing to offer.

Relieving enough you are to finish what you started.

Cold wind sneaks into your lungs and brain;

freezing ain't it?

But you heart is colder very much.

As if it is never there;never exists.

Now you know not.

What you want to do.

Thoughts run away through the air you exhale.

You are blank once again.

With no eyes. With eyebags folding your body neatly.

With worries.


[written in the middle of writing speech texts;blank]

-Abigail Gee