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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Losing A Friend


I haven't written you guys any post that I had promised you earlier so yeah I'm going to write one now.

 Lately I've been feeling sad because I lost two friends. One is up to heaven, one has just simply changed.

And do you know who that was? Adi.

Adi--or Aditya Putera Tejalengkara--was my friend back in the junior high school. People kept teasing me for liking him--although yes, I did have a crush on him once--and that made us apart. The fact is, we used to be good friends back in the early 7th grade but after being teased we pulled ourselves away.

He was one awesome friend. He rarely seemed sad--never, I guess--and he was one cheerful young man. He was so tall, he had an athletic torso and he was very handsome. He was Hindu-Buddhist. His mom is a Buddhist and his dad is a Hindu. This made him went to both religion's services.

I still remember how I used to throw my shoes at him because he could be so annoying sometimes and the shoes never hit him even once. And after the throwing part he just laughed and teased me all the way. He was very nice to others that made him had a lot of friends.

He was smart as well. He always broke through the top 5 of his class. So you could actually count him perfect; smart, natural athletic, good at sports, friendly, and he also joined Paskibra.

I went to Balikpapan in my senior year but I still texted him sometimes. There was this time when I texted him about what school he wanted to attend. He told me that he either would go to Surabaya or SMAN 4 Denpasar. I told him about Taruna Nusantara but he wasn't interested. And what surprised me was when it came to the announcement I asked him, 'So what school are you attending?' he answered, 'SMAN 1 Denpasar.' and then it popped questions on my mind why he changed his whole plan.

Then I knew it. His crush for over 9 years would attend the same school.

And I felt so happy for him to get the chance of getting back to her at the same time. His happiness over mine right? Then we never made any contact except when I went to Bali in the early time of 10th grade.

This holiday, I was checking out my twitter and its timeline. There were too many random tweets that can be counted as crap but then I noticed two or three tweets that said 'Rest in Peace, Aditya Putera Tejalengkara'. At first, I thought it was just some kind of joke but after asking some friends it turned out to be true. He now left all of us, his friends, with deep cuts in heart seeing him left as he hung his hopes and dreams along with his torso.

Well, all I can only say is a good bye.

Adi, wherever you are right now, I hope you're in a happy place with a smile all over your face. And I'm sorry for everything that I had ever done to you. I hope you left with still thinking of me as your friend. Thank you for filling some of my days and heart for a not-short time.

I hope you're ok.

I love you. We love you. Always.

-Abigail Gee.