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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Le Beaut Shoppe : Piano!

Hey, Beauts!
So for you who don't know, I love playing piano so much. I have this piano which is about fifteen years old, it's U3 size, Yamaha, and in the best condition. It sounds best. I bought that piano eight years ago, and I always practice.
But unfortunately, my parents are planning to move out to Balikpapan. And my parents think that it will be hard to bring the piano to Balikpapan, and if we leave it in our house we currently live in, who's going to take care of it?
So we decided to sell it. And I'm offering you a very beautiful deal, to get a chance to take care of my lovely piano. So, here are some pictures of my piano.

This is the picture of my piano. It's pretty big.

This is the piano condition



Well, I guess those are the best pictures. If you guys are interested to have this lovely, leave a comment!


-Abigail Gee

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Supermodel : Second Season!

Do you guys remember my maid aka my supermodel? So in this post, I'd like to post some of her newest photos! Yay! She's getting better at this, and now she's much more confident to pose.

So, I was checking an application on the internet when she saw me looking at myself on the laptop. Then she asked me if i had time to take her pictures. I needed something to post, so I agreed. I made her up and she even brought her own glasses! I dressed her up and tadaaa. The makeover done.

We took these photos in my room. And she sure was really happy to know that I finally took her pictures.

For these photos I didn't direct her to pose. I wanted her to pose naturally. And the shooting ended up with some good photos. There are also her photos with me! Check these out!

I'm just too cool to pose.

I'm just too sexy to act cool. Can't you sense my charm?

I'm showing my true cuteness. Aren't I cute?

Can't you see lights bursting out from me? I'm just cool.

Opposite poses suit me best. Love it.

Currently missing someone.

I love my fingers. I want to show their beauty to the world.

I'm transformating, from being a caterpillar into butterfly

Showing our togetherness and craziness.

Proof that we stick to each other.

See how she gets a long very well with the camera? She's really good at cooperating with the crew--which is me--and she poses well.

Look. Maybe some of you think that the reason why I upload her photos is to make fun of her. But no. I love her, I've known her since I was two and she's been serving my family since that. She's a part of our family. I just want to show the world how amazing, confident, and brave she is.

Thank you for checking these pictures out. I love you guys, beautifuls!

-Abigail Gee