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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Le Beaut Shoppe : Piano!

Hey, Beauts!
So for you who don't know, I love playing piano so much. I have this piano which is about fifteen years old, it's U3 size, Yamaha, and in the best condition. It sounds best. I bought that piano eight years ago, and I always practice.
But unfortunately, my parents are planning to move out to Balikpapan. And my parents think that it will be hard to bring the piano to Balikpapan, and if we leave it in our house we currently live in, who's going to take care of it?
So we decided to sell it. And I'm offering you a very beautiful deal, to get a chance to take care of my lovely piano. So, here are some pictures of my piano.

This is the picture of my piano. It's pretty big.

This is the piano condition



Well, I guess those are the best pictures. If you guys are interested to have this lovely, leave a comment!


-Abigail Gee

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