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Saturday, April 27, 2013


Hi, Gorgeuses!
I'm sorry, guys. I've been so busy with examinations, graduation and stuff these few months that I had not much time to post something.

Yes. I'm graduating from middle school. Yay!

I keep telling myself that I need to calm down and not to panic, yet I screamed after I finished all my exams. I hope to get good scores, since I depend on them to get good schools. Wish me luck!

Anyway, since I missed the Valentine's day and White Day, I'll bring the theme 'Love' up for this post.

Have you ever had a big crush on somebody that you're willing to give your all to that one person? I have. And it was tragic.

I ended up hurting myself so badly. I mean, every time I like someone it always leads me to disappointments.

To girls who have experienced such thing like me, don't give up on finding love. Don't regret falling for someone although they never really meant it. I don't regret falling for him, the only regret I have is to lower my honor and let myself look cheap. Screw them, but don't lose hope. That's just the beginning, there will be heart breaks and stuff in the future, but for now, just enjoy the sensation of falling in love.

If they can't respect you and take you as who you are, then they are assholes who don't deserve you. Don't make yourself approachable, available, and cheap. Don't lower your standards or lose your pride, honor and dignity just to make him notice you. Be who you are, and you'll show up to the surface and make someone nice and perfect for you notice you.

Leave all those boys who don't respect you, play around with your feelings, even when they are irresistible, handsome, and you already fall for them. Don't be afraid of letting go and moving on. If they really love you, they'll come back and tell you so. But if they don't, then they're not your better halves.

I know some things about boys. Boys like being fallen for, they like it when someone likes them or has crush on them. But they don't like some of the girls, but if they lose them it's like losing fans. So they give some of them a little attention which girls usually call false hopes, so the girls will still stick to them and keep liking them.

Most of them are like that, but I didn't say all of them.

But we're just teenagers growing up, so you can't just push them to be mature and let them and yourselves have fun! Enjoy loving and being loved, heart breaks, crushes, and live your teenage dreams to the max. But don't get it too many times (because if you keep hurting yourself constantly like that and keep thinking about it, you won't believe in love) and don't let your little love problems make you unfocused on your study. There are way more important things to be done.

Been there done that. I tell you all of these so you guys will enjoy your life and avoid things I have experienced. I really wish you girls all the happiness in the world. I wish you guys could fine the perfect guy in the perfect time, had a good teenage time and could live your lives to the fullest.

'Live. Laugh. Love.' - Chloe Grace Moretz

Cheers to being teenagers!

-Abigail Gee