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Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hello. Welcome to my blog, Forever Random.

My real name is Salsa. But I use Abigail Gee as my name in pieces I've created.
I live in a very beautiful island, that most people in the world call it Bali.
You don't need to know where exactly I live in, and I also feel it's not a really good idea to tell you the details.
I'm currently in grade eight. Yes. I'm a middle-schooler.
I'm crazy about pictures, books, fashion (but really, I'm so not stylish) songs, movies, and stories!
I write stories and songs sometimes.

Well, I guess the introduction is enough.

Now, allow me to tell you anything you need to know about my blog.

Just like its name, this blog contains a lot of things. Random ones. This blog has multiples genres I guess?
So it's not a photography blog, fashion blog or anything. It's a compilation of them.
I also might post some short stories sometimes.
And, I also might promote and recommend some good books, blogs, movies, songs, singers, or bands.

I'm still a beginner at blogging, so I hope you readers can help me to fix imperfections in my blog.

I love you guys :)

-Abigail Gee

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