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Friday, January 13, 2012

Thank You, Friends. I Love You. So Much.

So, last October 2011, I went to Jogjakarta. I joined a competition that I've joined the year before. I wished I could have more friends than I got from the first one. Then my wish came true! I got a lot of friends there. And the fun fact is, we have the same feelings, we have the same status in the society, and some our friends at school also judge us in the same way! So let me introduce my friends!

Carol, Oline, Dea, Geno, Ariel, Irfan, Kila, Thalitha, Via, Gaby, Hannah, Tasha, Artha. These are my friends' names. They are the nicest, the most humble, the funniest, the cutest, the prettiest, the most handsome, the most beautiful persons in the world.

I love you guys.

The most touching part is, when I introduced myself to one of my best friends name Irfan. He is a hearing impaired, but he's totally talkative and romantic when we communicate by sms. He always writes the most touching words ever. I always cry when he writes them. He is a good friend of mine. I love you, Ipang <3

And we made this group name Cacad Istimewa. We, members, gathered in the swimming pool and stayed up late together. We talked about everything; about our problems at school, mean friends, advice, and many more. We also took some photos together.

I will never forget them. Those special and meaningful best friends of mine. They will always be in my heart, and I will never ever forget about them.

A few days ago, Irfan made a video of us. I cried out loud when I watched it. It was so touching. Although it only contains photos, but a deaf like him just made my day by his video. Thank you, Irfan. Thank you CIBI. I love you guys. So much.

I'm really sorry if I couldn't mention all of you in the post. I only mentioned Irfan. But still, this post is meant to say thank you very much for the long-last friendship you all offered me. I hope we all can keep our promise, to be together, forever, and ever.

I love you guys, don't ever doubt it.

Click the link below to watch the video Irfan made for me and my best friends :


-Abigail Gee


  1. Horeeeee aku yg pertama kasih comment.
    Panjang banget, in english pula. Cape buka kamusnya. Anyway, untuk semua yg baca blog ini, aku Irfan yg dimaksud sama this smart n beaitiful writer known as salsa. One thing for sure comment ttg aku... lebaaaaay deh sa. In fact i'm the luckiest boy ever. Aku bisa kenal kamu dan semua saudara2 baruku di cibi. Siapa sih yg nggak bangga bisa gabung sm kalian.
    Salsa.. ketika aku ketemu kamu, aku lsg tanya ke papa seperti apa suaramu, papa bilang suara kamu besar dan ramah. Di mataku kamu itu tomboy, cuek dan easy going. Siapapun yg jadi pacarmu, he'll be the luckiest guy in the world.
    Keep on writing sa.

    1. Iya, kamu yang pertama nulis komen, Ipang :)
      Haha thank you, fan. It is really an honor to know you, you're one of the nicest friend yang bakal aku inget. Selamanya.
      Really? Kamu tanya papamu tentang suaraku? Aku nangis pas baca komenmu, Pang. I LOVE YOU TOO :*
      And siapapun yang bakal jadi pacarmu also will be the luckiest girl in the world, because she has the nicest guy EVER as her boyfriend :)
      Thank you, thank you. Gomawo, arigato, thank you, merci, gracias, matur suksma, matur suwun, Ipang <3