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Friday, January 13, 2012

How To Make Pancakes

Hello, everyone! I'm going to give you guys who love cooking something! Guess what? It's a recipe!

You know, I know you guys have at least once in your live a plan to make something special for either yourself or someone special. But, you just don't want to make a complicated and unknown dish or cakes or anything that can be eaten. So, I'll give you a simple recipe of a cake that you all know; pancakes!

Most people think that the most romantic time to make something special is at night. But not with me. I think, it's better to give something special to someone special in the morning! Because, you can make their whole day with your special giving. But sometimes, people who just went home after working or studying, feel too tired to feel the excitement of getting a surprise or something special.

So making pancakes is the best way to start a day with someone you love. You can add syrup, butter, ice cream, or honey for the pancakes.

Well, although we can also add anything we want to a slice of bread, but unlike bread, that we buy from the market, you need to prepare everything that you need to make pancakes. In short, pancakes don't instantly exist on your plate, and bread is something you can buy in the market.

To make it special, make sure you make the pancakes BY YOURSELF.

SO, here is the recipe (for eight thin layers of pancakes):

2 Eggs
200 gr Wheat Flour
120 gr Palm Sugar (or the sugar that you usually use is also fine)
2 teaspoons of Salt
200 CC Coconut Milk
1 Cup of Water

And this is how to make them :

1) Mix the eggs, the salt, and the sugar up in a bowl. Mix it properly until the sugar dissolves.
2) Put in the flour and the coconut milk into the same bowl. Mix them, and pour the a cup of water, until the texture is perfect.
3) Heat the pan (note : you don't need to put some butter in the pan, you also can use ordinary pan that you    usually use to make fried eggs)
4) And pour the pancake mixture as much as you like (but I recommend you to pour it just a little and make a perfect circle by holding and turning around the pan)
5) You'll see bubbles on the surface of the mixture, wait until it dries, then flip the pancake and wait for ten seconds, and you can put the pancake in the plate.
6) To decorate the pancakes, it is up to you. It will taste good if you put some butter and honey (note : when you want to add something sweet to the pancake, you don't need to add some sugar in the pancake mixture)

Good luck and I hope this recipe is useful for you guys :)

-Abigail Gee

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